Switching Multi Factor Authentication Options (MFA) - Aftermarket

If users want to switch their MFA (multi-factor-authentication) on their own the following steps must be followed:


  1. Login to wiTECH 2 with Okta user name and password
  2. Enter the current authentication method (phone, etc.)
    1. Note: If users no longer have access to the old phone they will have to contact wiTECH Support to Reset their MFA (multifactor authenticator)
  3. Once logged in, go to page https://fcawitech.okta.com/app/UserHome
  4. Navigate to Settings (top right corner under user name)
  5. Select Edit Profile
  6. Under Extra Verification, you should have the option to select which verification you will like to set up.
    1. Google Authenticator/Okta Verify have the phone you would like to set up in order to configure it


Article Number: 18
Author: Wed, Nov 20, 2019
Last Updated: Wed, Nov 20, 2019
Author: Emil Ghiurau

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